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Where Passion Meets Experience
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Where Passion Meets Experience


Champion Ironworks Ltd. specializes in structural steel and miscellaneous metals. We believe in 

creating a great product, within a reasonable time frame. As a subcontractor, we recognize the

importance of safety as well as achieving task deadlines. Our goal is to consistently deliver 

high quality service and product, within the expected time frame.


Seamless Service

Champion Ironworks Ltd. provides the customer with a complete service experience including drawings, fabrication, and installation of structural steel and miscellaneous metal. 

We have an in-house drafting team that will set your project in motion using either Tekla Structures or CAD software. 

Our onsite fabrication team is comprised of detailers, fitters and welders, who collaborate with our drafting team to ensure that the production process meets the projects specifications and time restraints. 

Finally, we have multiple field teams for onsite installations. Each team is equipped with a mobile welding rig, and works closely with our 

Project Managers to ensure that we are meeting deadlines and achieving the desired results.    

By mixing experience and youth, we are able to strengthen the skill levels of our departments. Our senior employees are encouraged to share their experience and quality of workmanship, while junior team members bring a fresh eye and new techniques to the trade. It is through this teamwork, and desire for excellence, that we approach each phase of your project. 



1 Speers Road                Winnipeg, MB, R2J 1M1

Phone (204) 772-1748

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We specialize in the production and installation of structural steel and miscellaneous metals. 

Our focus is to provide a quality product coupled with great service.